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Bespoke spare parts at fraction of the cost!

We recently received an enquiry to theCADlab for a replacement mud guard for a wheelchair to be designed and manufactured. Given our designers' capabilities in precision design and replication using 3D printing, this is a service that we are very comfortable in providing.

The existing broken part was measured and designed within a short time and a sample model was sent out to the customer for a size check to ensure satisfaction upon delivery of the full scale replacement part.

The pictures below show that the replacement part fit into the wheelchair identically as the broken part had done previous and the customer was delighted!

From chatting with the customer upon delivery of the mudguard she was delighted with the service and was amazed how the replacement guard " fits exactly right and does the job perfectly at a fraction of the cost I was quoted from the manufacturer!"

Manufacturers are not setup to provide one off replacement services and finding these replacements can be made trickier if your wheelchair is an older model. We at theCADlab are perfectly positioned to design and produce "one off" custom replacement parts or modifications for wheelchairs at a small percentage of the cost. If you or someone you know could use replacement parts designed and manufactured please don't hesitate to contact us!

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